I just wanted to send you a few pics of Murphy. He is doing GREAT!!! And he has become quite the "momma's boy." Wherever I am, he has to be. And I am now five months pregnant and he sniffs my belly all of the time. It's almost like he can smell our little girl, and he has become very protective of me.

He is so good . . . although we make sure he never goes out the front door because his sense of smell will take him too far from home. He sleeps on a bed in our room and once we tell him to lay down, he is down for the rest of the night until I tell him "outside" when I get up in the morning. He still does not want to sit, and we had to put locks on our pantry doors because he figured out open them . . . but he is the BIGGEST love bug around! You would think that he and Clemmie grew up together. She acts like a big sister to him, but they are totally in love.

Thank you again. These past four months have been wonderful for our family. We love him so much!

Page last updated on 28 January 2010