We've had her for one week. She is a totally different dog today than she was a week ago. She came as a quiet, shy girl that didn't know anything about steps. She stumbled trying to come up five steps on our front porch when we got here. Now she races up and down our 1 1/2 story deck steps. She walked around quietly. Now she races to follow as soon as anyone gets up to do anything. She just never knows if we're going to get a treat for her. She is finally not making a pig of herself when she eats. At first she tried to eat all her food very fast and then eat Beau's if he hesitated at all.

She tries to chew stuff. She had a basket the other day and she has gotten the tv remote twice. Both times I got her kong for her and she was happy to chew that. She chews and chews!

I really question the age that is on her records. She acts like a much younger dog. She attempts to play with our 15 year old miniature poodle. We have to stop that because the poodle is a fragile old girl. We make her go outside when she starts with the little dog. She calms down quickly and comes back inside. We feel like there was a real breakthrough today. She and Beau were outside digging a hole near where we know chipmunks live. They both had dirty noses. It's the first time I've seen a dirty nose since our other bluetick died in early February.

She is the sweetest girl. She loves to be petted and often comes to one of us to have her head rubbed and be told how beautiful and sweet she is. We are so happy to have her in our family.

Thank you so much.
Maggie Wisnbro

Page last updated on 16 August 2021