Niko is settling in nicely, the training collar is working nicely. After breakfast and morning walks he and Finn wrestle, play tug or tag then nap, they are always together and don’t like to be separated from one another. We absolutely adore the big goofball. We plan on starting tracking lessons in the spring, want to give him a good 6 months or so to settle in. He’s getting a sparkle in his eyes and beginning to believe that he’s here for good and that this is his forever home.

We had him to the vet yesterday; Finn went to provide moral support, and he has a yeast infection in his ears, no surprise. Also found that he has “wry mouth” which is a malocclusion of the jaw an inherited trait that occurs when one side of the jaw grows faster than the other. Explains the slow eating and why is teeth are a little longer on the right than the left, could have been corrected with braces when he was younger but it doesn’t seem to affect him otherwise. He’s a great pup and we’re so glad we could give him a home. He and Finn spend most of the day playing, sleeping, etc on the patio and last night they both slept outside on the patio next to one another.


Page last updated on 8 September 2012