Bubba (Owen) is doing great. We walk everyday for 3 miles up on the mountain. I have been letting him run free when we do and he must travel 10 miles checking every tree. During our 3 mile walk, he usually "checks in with us" 10 to 15 times and always ends up at the house when we do. My only concern is if he encountered some stray dogs or hikers that he may "forget" to check in. So far, so good. Of course I have my name and phone on his collar. He likes to stay in the house most of the day since he is exhausted when we get back in the mornings. He has a big bean bag bed next to a floor level window that faces out over the fenced back yard and garden toward the woods where there are several large walnut trees. He keeps an eye open for an occasional squirrel and when he lets me know that one is out there, I let him out and he runs like a deer to get it. So far the score is squirrels 100, Bubba 0.

If I walk out back during the day and leave him in the house and he sees me walking away, he gets separation anxiety and starts howling till I return. When we leave in the car through the garage, he has no problem. He just can't stand seeing us walk away (unless we are on the hike and he is out with us). When ever I take the truck to town, I always let him ride in the passenger seat. He loves to look out the window. He puts himself to bed in another bean bag bed in our bed room as soon as it gets dark and stays in his bed all night. No problems.

We have a friend that brings her dog over to stay with us when ever she has to go out of town. Bubba and her dog have a great time in our large fenced back yard. They run and play all day long. We will be looking for a B&T puppy some time in the future to keep Bubba company. When we are ready, I'll let Y'all know.

John Hill

Page last updated on 4 January 2009