Hard to believe it's been 6 years this month since I went to my new home in Louisiana. I have a wonderful life with my family and feel very secure and loved. Because of that I'm much braver than I used to be, and I go on long trips, stay in hotels, and enjoy new surroundings and adventures as long as I'm by Mom's side. My older brother crossed over the rainbow bridge 2 yrs ago, and I have another little brother who was rescued in Texas and he adores me. I don't play as much as I used to and I'm getting a little gray on my muzzle, but I still make everybody laugh and do lots of funny things. I tore my ACL and had it surgically fixed, and then I tore the other one and went through it again but I'm doing fine now. My family slept on the floor with me until I was able to be on the bed again. I have turned into quite the luxury lover and love being pampered. I prefer being in the house lounging around, but I keep tabs on my family and must know what they're doing at all times. Life is good and we are forever grateful to all those who helped me find my forever home.

Love, Dolly

24 December 2015

Just wanted to let you know how Dolly is making out in her new life. Hard to believe we are well into her second year with us. Seems like yesterday that the Rescue Transport brought her to us and she has sure blossomed since then! Dolly is such a happy girl and also a clown! She is great at communicating and loves to make us laugh. She likes to hum quietly in the mornings. The first time we heard it, we didn't know what it was, but now that she knows we enjoy it, she makes sure to perform. She also likes to make her brother Sandy howl like a wolf. A daily concert! She's such a character, we usually refer to her as "The Dilly" when talking about her! She is very social and loves going anywhere in the car (especially to PetsMart) and looks forward to her time at the dog park. We had to stop walking on the levee this spring when the Mississippi was so high due to the alligators and coyotes have also been a problem as they were displaced by the high waters and "hunting" people's small dogs and cats. But Dolly is enjoying her new life in Louisiana and thank goodness she doesn't seem to mind the heat. She is usually underfoot, extremely affectionate and very curious, always checking out what we're doing. She knows what a suitcase is and begins pouting as soon as she sees one - she clearly is upset when her Daddy travels for business and her little world isn't right until our "pack" family is together again.

We adore our girl and are so blessed to have this gentle little soul in our lives. Whenever I hear her song "Peaceful Easy Feeling", I get tears in my eyes to think of what she might have been through before she was rescued. However, her story truly has a happy ending and we'll continue to update you.

Elaine, Alex, Sandy & Dolly Diaz

8 August 2011

Dolly has been with us now into her seventh month and she has learned the ropes around here and has made herself right at home. She is a dream dog and we still can't believe how she has fit into our lives so seamlessly. A few little snafus such as a little chewing (nothing major and happily switched to chewing toys when reprimanded) and some hole digging this spring, but other than that, absolutely no issues. She was totally housetrained when she came to us, thanks to her foster mom, and learned very quickly to use a doggie door. She now has free run of the house at all times - we never crated her, but closed off areas of the house until she could be trusted not to chew. She loves our older dog (her new brother) and quickly learned that she couldn't play with him as actively as with younger dogs when she got a little too rough one day and made him cry. She has been very gentle with him since. In fact, she is probably the sweetest, most gentle dog we have hever known. We love her dearly and can't imagine life without her. She follows us around constantly, snuggles with us in the evening and sleeps with us at night. Dolly went to Beginners Obedience School and graduated in the top of her class. She's a smart girl and will do everything you ask of her, but in her own time, which is not necessarily fast.

She spends most of her day laying around in the air conditioning avoiding the New Orleans heat. She's very laid back. We joined a 4.6 acre fenced dog park where she can run off leash and she quickly made lots of friends, but after she got used to it, we found that she doesn't like for us to be out of her sight and will run back every couple of minutes to check on us when playing with other dogs. She jumped in the lagoon at Audubon Park the other day - thank goodness for leashes! She loves riding in the car. No jumping around - she just sits and enjoys the scenery. She is afraid of thunder and loud bangs which lets us know she is definitely gun shy so may have been dumped before rescue. She just rolls up in a little ball and won't move. Dolly had trouble with ear infections until we found out she is allergic to beef, so the problem is solved and her ears healthy again.

She is a wonderful dog and so many people have fallen in love with her that I've been directing them to the Coonhound Rescue site in hopes that more people will adopt. She is definitely a "poster girl" for taking a coonhound into your home. They don't come any finer. We are so very lucky and thankful to have Dolly in our family.

Alex and Elaine Diaz

9 July 2010

Happy New Year to all of those who helped me get through tough times by taking such good care of me and finding me my forever home. My new Mommy and Daddy tell me that I am a really good girl and kiss and hug me all the time. I love my new doggie brother, Sandy, and have made many new dog friends in the neighborhood. Everyone who I've met here in my new life loves me and they're all amazed at how well adjusted I am already. I guess they never knew that hounds were so smart! A few days ago, I got to bellow and howl at two real raccoons in the big pecan tree behind the house who were out in broad daylight and I taught all my doggie neighbors how to do it too. I'm really popular now!

Best wishes everyone, and my new family and I pray for love and happiness for all the rescues waiting for their forever homes.

Dolly (formerly Peace) Diaz

4 January 2010

Hey, just wanted to let you know how Peace is doing - she had her check up Friday and did great, is getting her stitches out tomorrow and is adapting well. She loves Sandy and makes him run around and play so hopefully he'll lose a little weight keeping up with her. We haven't put her in a crate - we allow her free run of three rooms and she's really adjusting. We have left her with Sandy alone for an hour or two and apparently she thinks it's the same routine as when her foster mom went to work and put her in her crate. She gets on the sofa and goes to sleep. She is already sleeping in bed with us. We finally got to hear the "coonhound bellowing" yesterday when she was playing and it was beautiful. Most times she is very quiet and only barks when she plays. It's hit or miss with the squirrels coming to the bird feeders. If she has a toy she likes, she'd just as soon ignore the squirrels. It seems she only chases them for fun when she feels like it. She is so eager to please, it breaks my heart to see the look on her face when she's told "no" as when she ripped up a slipper. So now she has a Kong stuffed with goodies that entertains her for hours at a time. She is such a wonderful dog - I cannot imagine how her former "owner" didn't go to the ends of the earth looking for her. We are in love with her and she is a perfect fit for our family. We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Thank you again for rescuing this sweet sweet girl - it's our turn now to do all we can to make this the best "forever home" she could have wished for. We were going to keep Peace as her name, but decided this weekend to change it to Dolly.....it just kind of flows - "Dolly Diaz". And because she is such a doll baby.

Alex, Elaine, Sandy and Dolly (Peace) Diaz

7 December 2009