We wanted to drop a note and let you all know how well Ruby is doing! Her name was originally Peony, but we decided that she looked more like a Ruby, and she is certainly a gem! She has adjusted wonderfully to our home, and absolutely loves her new big brother, Leo, our 2 year old Rottie. She is growing like a weed! As with many shelter dogs, she was underweight when she came to us, and after some very yummy groceries she has put on all the weight she needed in less than three weeks, and she looks amazing now. Ruby's favorite place is the local dog park near our home where she has made TONS of friends! She is the only B&T Coonhound in our area that goes to the park so she is a huge hit. I also enjoy being able to educate people on Coonhounds and recommend your rescue to anyone that shows an interest in one. We wanted to thank you again for choosing us as her family, I can't imagine living without her now!

Matt, Christy, all 4 kids, and our "fur babies" Leo and Ruby

Page last updated on 1 October 2010