It has been almost a year since we got Portia, so I thought I'd give you an update. We renamed her Huckleberry. I'm not sure who decided that Huckleberry should be a boy's name, but it suits her wonderfully. We were a little worried about how her older brother, Abernathy, would do, and there were some growls the first few days, but then a couple days after she got here they started playing and haven't stopped. I'm not sure what the game is, but we call it "Biteface." It's fairly descriptive and sums it up nicely. Abernathy had been sad since losing his older sister a few years before, and he has been very happy this last year.

Huckleberry is a very sweet girl who loves everyone except birds. She wears jingle bells when she goes outside now because she has managed to kill 5 birds without them. She's very sweet about it, but I'd prefer if the birds had fair warning. She is usually either running around at full speed or napping. As you can see, she naps with her brother and, adorably enough, she naps with her mother. She has also survived her first Colorado winter. As it turns out, she loves snow.

I attached several pictures. Some are from when she first got here, and some are very recent. I had to pick from the thousand or so pictures on my phone (not easy to do). She has grown quite a bit. I think her ferocious face with her big brother is hysterical... that's how they play. --

Mark Schmidt

Page last updated on 8 August 2013