My husband and I adopted Boo (formerly Polythene Pam) back in August. We can not tell you how lucky we are. Boo is the sweetest little cuddly clown and her sisters adore her as well. As you can see from the pics she loves her sisters. When they're snuggled up together you almost can't tell Dizzy, our other coonie mix, and Boo apart. She's become fast friends with her 'cousins' Haley and Gypsy, too and hasn't met another dog, person, cat, etc. she doen't like.

Boo's now gone camping for her first time and really enjoyed herself! She could smell to her hearts desire. (And, she doen't know it yet but that will be a regular occurence.) We're just so greatful how much it seems that she was meant to be here with us.

Thanks to Jayne and the Black and Tan Rescue,
Jessie Santoro and Anthony Smith

Page last updated on 12 December 2007