I just wanted to take a minute to update you on Flint, formerly Preston, who I adopted two years ago. He is currently 3 years old, 111 lbs BIG, but still so sweet, sociable and loves everyone and everything, except opposums. :) He is the love of my life and he is spoiled but not rotten. ;) Every where we go, Flint gets compliments on his demanor and good looks. He is truly a beautiful boy. I've added some pictures. Happy holidays, and thank you again for helping me get my forever boy. I wish I could adopt three more...

I certainly tell everyone I meet how wonderful coonhounds are and how professional your rescue is. Thank you!

7 December 2011

I wanted to give you an update on Flint, the rescue wonderdog. :) Well, he likes to ride! We've found lots of parks and trails and he knows riding gets him somewhere good. He's a great walker and still sooooooo cuddly and sweet. He's a lover. He does not know a stranger and like every person/dog/cat/bird/squirrel he meets. I think that's one of the traits I like about him best... that and when he tilts his head down and looks up at me with those big sad eyes and knocks me with a monster "pet me!" paw.

He's been to the vet three times since his homecoming and each time he's gained about 10 lbs. He's up to 104. The vet said he's in great shape. He's huge! Not fat!! But we'll keep him active so he doesn't gain anymore. He does like his food. A LOT! No people food... he has really good manners when it comes to us eating. TRAINING works!

He's a great dog! I couldn't be happier. I'm telling everyone who sees him and comments on "what a good looking dog" he is to go to ABTC Rescue. I still look and fall in love with new rescues. Wish I could adopt them all.

Best regards,

24 March 2010

Preston, now known as FLINT, is doing just fine. I have to admit, my jaw dropped when he stepped out of that crate. He's huge and so lean and athletic-looking. What a beautiful dog! I was expecting him to be a little shorter and heavier. Wow, he's fit! He was nervous at first, to be expected, but he's settling in just fine. He slept his first night right next to me on his big bed (he wasn't having anymore of that crate), then last night he slept the entire night in "his room," the crate. LONG walk yesterday and played with new friend, Maisy. I woke him up this morning and we went for another nice walk. He's so inquisitive, but he doesn't like cling-clangin' flag poles on a windy day.

He loves the cat... wants to chase and bark at him. We're being very patient and only allowing supervised and restrained visitations. He's beginning to understand he gets more praise when he's quiet and nice. They both seek each other's attention.

Wednesday- vet. Next week- trainer. All and all, great dog. HUGE PUPPY! We're very happy. Thank you again for a very positive adoption experience. We will spread the word.


22 December 2009