He loves going for a run on the trails.

He has just finished his birthday steak
and is seeing if he can drum up some more.

Then we went to Victoria for the weekend,
it was actually Miner's 4th Birthday weekend.

I think this is a really funny shot of Miner.

More birthday weekend fun;
Miner got a chance to chase some wildlife
up the logging roads on Vancouver Island.

Thanks to Miner's foster parents, Tine and John,
for taking care of my dog monster!

31 May 2009

Miner is doing a wonderful job of representing Black and Tan Coonhounds in Canada. He is a rare and exotic man on the streets of Vancouver, and everyone loves to take the time to stop and tell us about his striking appearance. They praise his fine shape, gazelle-like movement, graceful ears, gentle nature, and nose to the ground attitude. He is a man about town exploring trails, parks, beaches, and mountains with vigor. He knows all of the rules of the house, but now that he is comfortable, he is working on testing the boundaries. For example, note the picture of him in the window sill, it is where he went after I told him to get off of the couch recently.

When he arrived at Vancouver International Airport he walked out of the kennel like he was walking onto a yacht. A friend tagged him immediately as a "con-man." Sweet, friendly, and gentle, with impeccable manners 95% of the time, but packs a secret, unpredictable, punch when you least expect it. We have some work to do with the trainer. Regardless, I am so happy that I have him and truly grateful to all of the wonderful people who took care of him, he has enriched each and every day since his arrival.

Thank you Coonhound Rescue!
Ryanne and Miner

4 April 2009