Our Hazel really is a queen! She has brightened our lives and filled our home with her silly antics and sweet nature. She loves to be with her people and rarely leaves our sides during the day, whether that means a long walk or a good nap. At night, she is happy to curl up in her favorite chair in the office, which we now call "Hazel's room". A typical hound, she doesn't hesitate to vocalize her thoughts. If she is excited for walks or impatient for dinner, she will let you know. When she goes into the yard to stretch and play, the first thing she does is announce herself to the whole neighborhood.

We are so grateful to ABTCR and to her foster dad, Steve Chance, for uniting us with our funny, gentle girl. We love her so much. Cheers to many years with our queen!


Page last updated on 23 February 2024