Elly has gone from being painfully shy to coming out of her shell quite a bit for her short time with us (she's been here for 3 1/2 months so far). She's still a quiet girl who rarely barks and has only showed off her roo for us one time when Santa came by on the fire truck. She enjoys daily walks through the woods and to the nearby creek close to our home, cuddling all night with her mom, playing with anything fuzzy and squeaky, and trying to learn tricks for treats. She is particularly fond of rides in the car and her weekly trips to the local hardware store (started as an exercise in socialization, but now I think she's bucking to be the store mascot). She's a little leary of all the attention at first but warms quickly. Cuddles with her family seem to be at the top of her list though.

Page last updated on 12 February 2017