It's been a few months since we brought Lola (Queen Lola) to her new home in Austin. She has adjusted and fit in wonderfully. She and her new brother Waylon are inseparable; at least Waylon is by her side all the time. She has widened her circle of friends at doggy day care and gets along with all the dogs and staff. She is a bit obsessive and noisy about the kitty boarding room. :)

Today we finished our last of 5 training sessions with Leaps N' Hounds. Training was a huge confidence boost for Lola and helped her adjustment into the family. She's still a little stubborn sometimes with her basic commands, (mostly "stay") but as soon as we started scent training she found her purpose. Her nose is amazing and true to her hound nature, her scent focus is unbreakable. She breezed through beginner nose work in about 10 minutes and we immediately moved on to advanced "find it" with scent differentiation. She is able to easily pick the target scent from 5 different scent targets. We're currently working on her responding to the target with a sit or lay down instead of her current "grab it and come chase me" response ;) Mean while she is still unearthing bones and toys Waylon buried in the yard 4 Christmas's ago.

Thanks so much to her wonderful Dallas foster mom for taking such good care. Anyway, she is a wonderful, natural addition to our home and we couldn't imagine ourselves without her. Thank you so much for what you do!

Tony Nelson

Page last updated on 15 February 2015