Thank you SO much for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives! We have decided to name her Tillula, which means "princess" and certainly suits her. She is doing wonderfully and seems to be adjusting very well to her new life with us. It is so much fun to have a puppy in the house. She is so spunky and her personality (along with her howl) seems to get bigger every day. Despite two long walks a day plus 45 min to an hour of fun and games in the backyard, we still chase her around the house to make sure she is not getting into something she shouldn't be - like dragging the doormat down the hallway or digging up the flower pots on the deck. But, then she is so cute even when she is "bad" that it is hard not to laugh at her while you are trying to tell her "no". She seems to think she is a lap dog... and snuggling on top of us is one of her favorite things. Which is fine now, but I am not sure how it is going to work when she is 70lbs! She has also claimed the arm chair in our family room as "Tillula's Chair" so we have been calling it her princess throne. She likes to jump in bed with my husband in the morning after I get up, and at night we snuggle together and read a book before we go to sleep. She is also doing really really well with learning her manners. She is great on the leash and she is getting better every day at "sit", "down", and "here". She is really motivated by food and treats, so training has been pretty easy so far. Although who knows what will happen when she becomes a "teenager" as she is already perfecting her most dramatic and pathetic bark/howl when she does not get her way. Her favorite toys are her Kong, a stuffed "witch" we got her for Halloween, and any kind of stick, leaf, or piece of bark she can find in the yard. Right now she is totally konked out in front of the woodstove and I am resisting the urge to pick her up and give her hugs and kisses! We just love her and laugh at her everyday!

Thank you for all that you do for these wonderful dogs.
Katie, Matt, and Adam Turner

Page last updated on 4 November 2011