Rain is settling in nicely in Wilmington. We're learning more about each other every day, and she continues to gain confidence and show more personality quirks which make her all the more lovable. She's gradually earning the run of the admittedly small house when I'm away during the day and has not chewed or destroyed anything, or made any messes, which is impressive.

She LOVES other dogs and cats and wants to play with everyone. She's great in the dog park across the street and makes friends quickly, though she did "tree" a husky onto one of the benches a few weeks ago. I'm trying to take her on at least one 2-mile walk per day, and she seems to enjoy that. Though with the heat and humidity in Wilmington we're going to have to scale back - her black coat overheats quickly. I've taken her to the beach briefly, but we'd missed the deadlines for dogs on Wrightsville beach, so we're going to try Fort Fisher this weekend. In limited exposure, she goes nuts for all the people but is really unsure as to why the water is coming at her.

She's also become fast friends with my girlfriend's dog, Darby (you might have seen her on the coonhound website, she was Brownie the mixed hound in Virginia). They visit frequently and sometimes if I'm working late, Rain and Darby hang out at her house and sleep in each others' crates.

Anytime Rain meets another hound dog, she becomes immediate friends. Makes me think she was part of a pack somewhere. She loves squeaky toys. So far, we've added "Wait" and "Down" to her command repertoire. Working on "Come." I got her a Kong harness and she walks very well with that, pulling a little but nothing too much. Soon I'm going to get her some kind of training harness or collar to walk in. -Whenever I come home, it's total body-wiggle time. She rolls over on my feet and shows submission/asks for belly rubs. She has decided that the bed is a totally fun place to nap while I'm away, but immediately gets off if I see her there. Her main mission in life right now is to catch a lizard.

She is truly a wonderful dog and I'm lucky to have her. You guys did an awesome job with her and she's only getting more confident, and getting all my love as well.


Page last updated on 24 April 2013