Our story starts with the loss of our two much loved Redbone Coonhounds, Leon and Isabella; they were siblings that I raised from 7-8wk old pups. We were constant companions as I eased into retirement from a hectic 32 year career. Perfect hounds but plagued with health issues for much of their lives. We lost both earlier this year mainly to CHF. I found it nearly impossible to be without a hound and found myself more frequently looking at the dogs at coonhound rescue.

Raisin jumped out at me from both her pictures and the description. She just seemed ideal for us. After talking first with Tine and then Dawn, I knew she was the dog for us. While our hounds could never be replaced, she has gone a very long way to file the void. She has livened things up around her and is working out nicely. Now, one short month later, we can't imagine being without her!

The first two pictures were taken in the 200 acre regional park just two blocks from our house. We start every day with a 3-4 mile walk/hike in that park. The 3rd picture was taken the day she arrived on her first venture into our backyard. The last is resting up after one of our walks.

Raisin is a very well rounded confident dog. She turns heads everywhere she goes. We are able to take her on visits to the assisted living facility where my mother in law lives and she greets everyone with no concern for the various walkers, canes and wheelchairs. We even bring her along when my husband plays music at the farmer's market or beer garden. Although she prefers to go everywhere with us, she is very good when left home in the house uncrated. She also loves riding in the car and playing with the grandkids.

It is uncanny how well she fits into our life. Oh, she likes her name so she is still Raisin. We are very grateful to all at coonhound rescue who made this happy ending possible!

Best Regards,
JoAnn Hamilton

Page last updated on 21 July 2011