Boone (formerly "Rascal") has been with us for three months and has allowed my husband and me to know what it is like to raise a puppy together. While he still has some bad puppy habits (we are working on it), he has blended into our family in such a unique way. Since having him, he has turned 1 and graduated from obedience school. He is such a little goofball who loves his toys and is quite opinionated but is such a great companion. Since having him in Colorado Springs, he has become quite an amazing dog for hiking and trail running. While our elderly beagle is not too fond of him quite yet, he is learning to be respectful towards her and other dogs every day. His favorite things are playing with his ball, playing in the snow, and going snowshoeing with us. He is the exact adventure dog we wanted in our lives, not only to get us more active but to give a little puppy like him the life he deserves.

Thank you so much to ABTCR for working with us and allowing us to adopt such a fun and loving dog.

China Mae and Tyler Wise

Page last updated on 3 March 2024