After a 16 hour plane ride the girls (Runaround Red and Quietly Blue) landed in Anchorage Alaska on Tuesday night. We've renamed Red, Daisy Mae and Blue is Ella Bella. The girls were a little shy to begin with but warmed up almost instantly. It probably helped that we gave them lots of dog treats! That night they slept in our bed underneath the goose down comforter. They enjoy chasing each other around our yard and usually sleep for hours after doing so.

Today, they each got a new bed from Costco for the living room and they love them so much they don't want to get off them. Our kitchen is like Disneyland to them, it is the happiest place on earth. We made frittatas (recipe from Bark magazine) for them and instead of the kale we used spinach. We got their seal of approval on the recipe. They've both tried a little counter-surfing and shoe grabbing but stop when we say no.

We are so grateful to everyone who helped get them to us and have to especially thank their foster mom, Claudia Durbin. Our vet and her staff were so impressed with how sweet, good natured and well-mannered they are.

Mary and Larry Weeks

Page last updated on 4 October 2012