Reddy is doing great! I can't believe it has almost been a year, wow! He is the best thing that has happened to our family! My son adores him. He tells everyone that Reddy is the coolest dog in the world. Reddy is so sweet, gentle and goofy. Half the time he can't get out of his own way or is tripping himself. But I guess all those silly coones are the same. He has topped off at 75.6 lbs and about 36". And obviously we kept his name as Reddy. It seemed to fit him just right. Although most of the time I call him Red Fred or Roofus. He'll answer to just about anything. He is so smart! He can sit up, give high five, whisper, shake and that is just to name a few.

Here is a picture of my son, Denver, with Reddy.

Thank you again for everything,

Page last updated on 8 October 2008