My name is Princess Chloe Von Puppycups and I am Homer's little sister. Our Mom owns a candy store and just opened another one. This got us to thinking. Mom makes us yummy treats at home that she now calls princess cookies. We have decided to make them at the store to sell them to others. All the profit we make from the sale of my princess cookies are going to be sent to you to help your special needs dogs, in honor of our Homer Reece. We don't know how well they will go, but, we figure, with the economy the way it is, anything will help.

Thank you for my Homer!
Princess Chloe

P.S. from Mom: This is a little way we can give something back for all the wonderful joy Homer and Chloe have brought to our lives. Right now, Homer is yelling at Indy. Nothing changes here. Homer is even more beautiful than ever. Chloe is a wonderful mediator between the boys. We are really lucky to have them all. It amazes me, that with all Homer went through before he made his way to rescue, that he is so sweet, gentle and loving. I can't imagine life without him. Thank you for all you did for him. He was so lucky to have found his way to you.

15 July 2010

Homer has a new sister. We ended up choosing a puppy which, aside from housebreaking and chewing, turned out to be a great decision. Then again, the chewing isn't too bad, after all, Homer is her chew toy. We ended up adopting one of the disneyland kids. We have the puppy known as Daisy Duck. Her new name is Princess Chloe Von Puppycups. The story surrounding her name is as long as her name itself. She has such a huge personality, she needed a name to fit. She is beautiful, funny, loving and smart. She also has the ability to keep her boys in line. Actually, she has Homer and Indy wrapped around her little paw.

It's funny. I remember the early days of the Homer/Indy relationship and how rough that was. We had about 12 hours of resentment this time and then all was fine. In fact, both my food aggressive boys let her sneak underneath them and eat out of their bowls while they eat.

Homer has taught her the fine art of table surfing because she is still too small to counter surf. He is now trying to teach her the play screech. For what seems like hours at a time, they play bite all the while practicing the high pitched, ear piercing screech. The puppy's is coming along nicely. Fortunately, she only likes to make noise in the house so the neighbors don't hate us.

Indy adores Chloe and lets her climb all over him, stand on him... It's really amazing. Homer on the other hand is her playmate, father figure and, in the beginning, I think she thought he was her mommy! Homer and Chloe run and wrestle for hours at a time. Inside, outside, it doesn't matter. If it's not too hot, Indy will join in. Last week, my mother's cocker spaniel wanted to play, so Onyx, Indy and Chloe ganged up on poor Homer. It didn't phase him. He literally tossed them around like they were dolls. They all had a great time. The best part, Chloe is helping Homer get some more exercise which is getting the winter weight off him. I have been a little concerned because the cold winter was hard for him this year with the arthritis in his paw. The extra weight was not good for him. But, he is more active now and slimming down a little.

All our best,
Maureen, Chris, Homer, Indy Mika, Misha, and Princess Chloe Von Puppycups

22 May 2008

This is me with my Mom! She loves me so much! I sleep on her at night!

Mom and I found something in the basement and Mom said I could keep it! Look:
We called the SPCA and no one called to claim her. So Mom and I named her Mischa! She is funny and not afraid of me. I try to chase her and she lays down. She is my friend because I found her. She must have come in when the workers were putting the new floor in and they never noticed her. I am glad. I have a nice new friend.

I am doing good. Indy and I like to play all day and I talk a lot. Bobo is getting old, but she still loves me. She cut her leg a few weeks ago and needed stitches. She was gone for hours. I missed her and when she came home, I would not leave her alone.

I met my cousin Onyx and really liked him even though he looks like a mop. Mom called him a cocker spaniel. She said I can go to his house and play with him sometime. He lives at the beach and maybe I can try swimming. I cannot wait for summer. The weather has been so nice here! Indy and I run and chase each other all the time. We wrestle and bark at the kitty in the neighbor's window. She teases us! She got out the other day and came into the yard! I almost had her!

Homer (with the help of Mom!)

21 April 2006

Reece’s story is ready to have the happiest of endings. As those of you who have followed his progress on our website know, Reece came to us in September with a severely deformed front leg. He wandered up to a vet clinic in Tennessee, walking on a huge callous that had formed over his ankle. After months of physical therapy and wearing an orthotic brace, Reece has a functional leg for the first time in his life and is ready to join his new family. He has been adopted by a wonderful couple, Chris and Maureen, and will be welcomed by their 9 month old hound/lab mix and 12 year old lab mix.

Reece and all of us here at ABTCR would like to thank the following people who made this happy ending possible:

Teresa and all the folks at Sweetwater Vet Clinic in Tennessee

who did his initial vet work and made it possible for Reece to take his first step toward a new life. Teresa was determined that he should get more of a chance than he would get at a local animal shelter, called us, and drove him to Atlanta to his foster home.

Dr. David Filer, the orthopedic vet
who rejected traditional wisdom that would have resulted in an amputation and instead came up with the therapy that saved Reece’s leg.

Steve Samiec and all the dog lovers at C.H. Martin Co., a pediatric orthotics company,
who donated their time, expertise and materials to create the brace for Reece’s leg.

Marna Stein, the canine swim therapist
who worked with Reece in her swimming pool every Saturday and Sunday. She had Reece swimming in circles to stretch out the tendon and teach his affected shoulder to function normally again.

All of those kind people who donated money to cover his expenses and continually provided encouragement in letters and emails.


2 February 2005