Earlier this year we lost our girl Porsha. She was a black and tan that we rescued from your organization back in 2012. When Porsha passed we didn't know if we would ever get another dog. Then one day we saw Rhea Ann (now Lacey) on your rescue site. After several inquiries and text messages back and forth, her foster mom set up a video meeting for us to meet Rhea Ann. After the video we absolutely fell in love with her. We proceeded to adopt her from her foster home in Mobile, Alabama. She then made the long trip to Wisconsin to be here in her forever home. When she got off the transport vehicle she came right to us with tail wagging. Lacey is such a sweet girl and has adjusted really well to our home. We can't wait to see what she thinks of all the snow here in the winter. We want to thank foster mom Andi and everyone else at your organization for all you do to help these animals get back to good health and to find families who want to love them and make them part of their family.

Jeff and Kim Saunders

Page last updated on 7 June 2024