We saw Rocky (then Ruff) on Coonhound Rescue last year when he was just a baby. My wife and I fell in love with him but were just way too busy to take on a new pup. Well, you can imagine our surprise and joy when we saw him up for adoption again in early February 2008. We knew if we ever got a second chance we had better jump at it, and are we ever glad we did! We live in Caledon, Ontario, Canada, so logistics on getting Rocky needed to be hammered out and we want to thank Jayne Schlegel for making it happen. She found a wonderful woman in Albany, NY (thank you Barbara) to keep Rocky overnight and drive him to Rochester, NY the next day, where we met her and took Rocky home. He was perfect right from the start and he looked at us as if he already knew us. He settled in for the drive home and really enjoyed meeting the Canada Customs Officer at the border. After the agent hugged him for about 5 minutes, we were off. Rocky slept most of the way home and really enjoyed playing in the snow when we arrived. He loves his older brother Wiser, our 8 year old B&T, and spends most evenings curled up beside him on the carpet. We really want to thank everyone who every came in contact with this 7 month old pup (and already 52lbs!) and helped create such a special dog ( Rachel, Angie and Chuck). It just goes to show you how far a little love can go.

Jim and Lynn and Wiser and Rocky

Page last updated on 13 March 2008