Roz is doing wonderfully. We took her and Clyde hunting with us before Christmas. They both had a blast. Roz had one night of extreme joy. She caught scent of a coon one night and took off. Next thing we knew she had it treed and was baying. When we got back to camp she was exhausted, but so, so happy.

We also took them with us to visit the families over the holidays, and everyone loves her. She is such a lover and so sweet. She and Clyde still have small spats every now and then, but as you can see from the picture, they love each other.

Wes and Amy
Roz and Clyde

6 January 2008

I want you to see my "First Day as a Hinton" photos! The two kids are good friends already. It took maybe two barks, and it's been all play since then. As you can tell they are sharing food, chew bones, and a Daddy already.
We are really going to enjoy Roz. She is so wonderful!!

Thanks for everything.
Amy and Weston Hinton

5 December 2007