I wanted to give y’all a quick update. Miss Molly has officially mastered the stairs! She also has no problem crawling on the couch or recliner to sleep/nap with her people. She and Teddy are getting along pretty well, she definitely acts like a little sister. If we’re on the couch or bed just laying down, she’ll come climb onto our stomachs to rest her head on our chests. She’s a big cuddle bug! She's also found her voice when all the squirrels come out at the dog park. She’ll even whine/howl when she wants to tell us something. And we’ve made lots of new friends. She’s definitely still a bit socially awkward, but we’ll get there! She’s been to the vet, and they said she’s in great health. We’ll work on getting some more weight on her. We also got her nails done today, which will be a process she’ll learn to love.

Overall, everyone in our life is completely infatuated with her and I think she knows that. I think she was one of the best decisions we’ve made in a while. Thank you guys for doing what you do. It’s because of y’all that we found Molly, and she found us.


Page last updated on 8 January 2019