[Rumor is an AKC purebred male who was purchased as a puppy from an AKC show kennel; his father was a Best in Show champion. He was surrendered because his owner could no longer afford to care for his skin and ear issues. At the time of his adoption, he was bald in several places, and had severe yeast and bacterial infections of his ears and skin.]

It has been about eighteen months now since we first met Bo at the Saranac Lake Animal Shelter. As you know Bo had a litany of disorders and has been a work in progress ever since. I am happy to be able to inform you that the little guy (98 lbs at the Vet last week) is doing pretty well, all things considered.

On your advice, Bo hasnít had an ounce of grain since the day we picked him up, he is on the Evo fish diet and he has shown marked improvement, but still had a lot of issues:
∑ His coat was very thin
∑ He had a type of ooze that came through his skin, making him always feel dirty and rubbed off on anything he leaned against
∑ He had a body odor that was worse than any dog I ever had
∑ He had a gas problem that was incredible
∑ His right eye had a chronic problem and needed a daily rinse and cleaning, we tried medicated drops but that did not work any better than Visine
∑ Most disturbing was he always had a dozen to 15 small sores on his skin, many of which would pop through his hair. This made brushing him a problem as they would break open.

With all this, we love this little guy; God sent him to me when I needed him most. He got me through a very difficult period that I couldnít have done without him.

Since we canít open the windows in northern Vermont in the winter when itís 15 below zero, my wife went on a mission to solve his gas problem. Bo would lie in my office and pass gas 30 times in an hour, really. I once had a male Great Dane that ate a large bowl of chili at the Atlantic City show in the late 70Ēs, sleeping in a small room with that Dane was better than Bo on his best day. My wife Kathy discovered Dog-Wa, a simple food additive made by a company named Biotality. It was amazing! Within 48 hours we noticed a tremendous improvement, he was normal, after a week he was better than normal and just stopped passing gas altogether.

That was great, but Bo still had issues. That is when we contacted the people at Biotality (www.Biotality.com), they were developing a new product called Canine Digestive Solution so we agreed to use Bo as a test. Once again the results are amazing:
∑ His coat has thickened up and is ready for a cold Vermont winter
∑ Significant improvement in the ooze from his skin, very little at this point.
∑ His body odor has improved, we are not afraid to have guests over for dinner now.
∑ His gas problem is in the normal range we expect from a large dog.
∑ His right eye gooís up about once a week now, a few drops of Visine and a soft cloth and he is good to go.
∑ The miracle is the fact that his body is sore free, absolutely smooth. We can brush him now without any discomfort to him.
All of this has happened in 4-5 weeks on the Canine Digestive Solution product. I have been in close contact with Matt Israel, co-founder of Biotality. He also suggested that he would be willing to offer discount coupons to folks in your network who might be interested in the product. You can contact him through his website at www.Biotality.com. I have no personal interest in Biotality other that appreciatioN for having helped Bo.

Bo still has a lot of issues, I guess he always will. He is a beautiful soul. Eighteen months ago I promised him that his last years would be better than his first five and that I will hold him in my arms when his time comes to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Thankfully Biotality is making the time Bo has left with us a lot healthier and happier.

George Bevis

Page last updated on 7 October 2010