Just thought I'd send you an update on Holmes. We let him off leash for a bit today and he behaved perfectly. He listened well to our commands and never once tried to run off. He stayed with us and his brothers the entire time. He's been introduced to the other 9 dogs that live on the farm and all went well. He was a bit fascinated with John's three peacocks that we have in a pen in our yard but a few stern "No's" seem to end his curiosity. Huck plays with him well, but our youngest Lab, Hurley, isn't exactly sure what to think just yet. Hurley hasn't been mean to him, he simply stays out of his way. I can tell Holmes is rather young because of the puppy antics he portrays when we play inside the fence. He's so silly when he gets excited, LOL. I think he's terrific and just like you said, he's a great dog. He's already "singing" for his food so that tells me he feels comfortable in our home. He kennels with no problem, goes to the door when he needs out and sleeps soundly through the night (in fact he's snoring on the couch as I'm typing this)


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