I'm so pleased with the two dogs that I have adopted thru your organization. Bo has been such a gentle giant. He is so darn handsome that he practically stops traffic. Greta is beautiful dog, too. She and Bo just love to cuddle together and play for hours in the backyard. Since I think that both dogs came from the south, I wasn't sure what to expect with the first Chicago snow.... but they both LOVE it. My trainer and I have been so happy with their progress, they are both very smart. I look at the website on a weekly basis to see all of the beautiful dogs. I hope that they all find wonderful homes very soon. Thank you to Jayne and Molly for all of your hard work finding these dogs homes.


11 January 2008

Sassafras is home safe and sound! Boy, she really is sweet and does walk great on a leash. NO PROBLEMS whatsoever introducing the dogs - they are playing happily in the backyard. She likes the large yard, too. Her head is coated with Beauregard's slobber - very cute. She is such a good dog. She slept on the doggie bed next to my bed last night and now she and Beau are sleeping together on the couch. We went for a long walk this morning through the trails and she seemed to like sniffing around. I know that she didn't like it when I opened the patio door this morning and it was 27 degrees:) She does play a lot like a puppy - but that's how Beau likes to play. It's a great matchup. We are working on sit and stay. Here are some pictures from her now forever house.

Thank you - thank you - thank you for finding me such a sweet dog!


25 November 2007

Lonely Boy's new name is Beauregard. I can't express how happy I am with Beau; he is the sweetest dog. I've had him for almost 2 months now and he is completely happy at his new home. My private trainer and I have taught him to sit, stay and heel like a pro on a leash so far. He is such a quick learner. I have to say that you don't see many coonhounds in Chicago's suburbs, but EVERYONE asks me what kind of dog he is and they all tell me that he is absolutely beautiful. I even had a policeman pull over to tell me how good looking he was!! Thanks to all at the rescue and those who helped transport him to me. I'm so pleased that I will have such a great dog for many years to come.


10 September 2007

So far he has been settling in nicely. When he first got home, he had to explore for a few hours before even laying down. I have only heard him bark a few times, and his whine is very cute (almost sounds like a tiny bird.) I'm hoping to take him to doggie school soon, they teach him the basics like sit, stay, down, etc. I have attached some new pictures. He's taking a nap right now on my deck. I'm sure that he can keep me company out there while I do all of my yardwork. Lots of wood to cut up and firewood to split. I'm bringing him over to my sister's today to meet their female dog - they have a 1 acre fenced-in yard - should be a good outing.

I'm just so pleased with the entire process of adopting LB. I will be sure to tell all of my friends that they should consider adopting a coonhound. I'm sure that I will run into some challenges with him, but that's the case with any dog. They just need to be trained... and loved. Still trying to determine his new name.....

Thanks for everything.

23 July 2007