We can't believe that it's already been 8 months since we adopted our little pup! Sadie has been holding steady at about 42 pounds for the last couple of months and we're surprised that she's not much bigger. We think she must be mixed with something that is making her a little smaller. We often wonder how her siblings are looking now.

Sadie is the sweetest, most loyal and fun dog (but we may be biased). We are so completely attached and couldn't imagine not having her after she's become such an integral part of our lives. We take her to North Bark Dog Park a couple times a week and she never stops running, swimming and trying to be friends with every single dog and human. We've taken her hiking, camping and on mini road trips and she does great. She is always by our side following along with whatever we are doing. She's very smart and has learned basic commands very quickly, as well as how to manipulate us with those sweet puppy eyes. You can see in a couple of the photos she's spoiled and is allowed on the furniture sometimes.

We are so thankful we were given the opportunity to adopt her!

Page last updated on 29 June 2015