I wanted to give an update on Scarlett or "Scar" as she mainly goes by. My mom likes to say "who rescued who" and she's not wrong. Scar is my best friend, my running buddy, my ski buddy and the best listener you could ask for. Although she is protective of her loved ones, once she knows you she's the sweetest and most excited girl to be around you. She loves any outdoor activity she can get her paws on. When she's not running trails with me or skiing up and down mountains she's meeting up with her cousins- Lily originally "Fairhope" and Korra originally "Madeline" to run around. She's a lover of overly sized dog toys and all things dinosaur. I could not be more grateful this little girl entered my world.

Thank you to you all for letting this amazing girl into my life!
Emma Peterson

Page last updated on 24 August 2021