I would like to update you with how Sherman is doing since it has been awhile. As you know he has had numerous problems with infections (ears, skin, fungal) and has been in and out of the vet's office a million times. My husband and I decided to take him to a specialist and get to the root of his problems once and for all. It was very expensive but it was so worth it! He was diagnosed with severe environmental allergies. His allergy panel came back positive for everything! His immune system has been so beaten down that he just wasn't fighting anything off anymore. So he was prescribed another round of meds to get him to some kind of normal baseline (antibiotics, antifungals, and steroids), with the plan to start him on Atopica. He had his follow up last week and the specialist said he looks wonderful! He will be on a high dose of Atopica at first, and then taper down to a maintenance dose after a few months. So we are very hopeful that this is the start of Sherman being healthier than he has been in a long time. He has perked up a lot, and is playing with toys and wrestling with Douglas. It's wonderful to see him be like this! He is still slow, he really does not move with much purpose - but he is a true character and makes us laugh every day! The one of him laying down is Sherman laying in Douglas' bed, even though he is at least two times too big for it!

I hope I continue to have good news about Sherman for you!

26 March 2012

Sherman has been doing very well! He is everything I hoped he would be; he is a wonderful gentle spirit. He has a heart overflowing with love to give. He is getting along great with our other Coonie, Douglas. Its as if Sherman is the little brother, which is funny because Doug is half his size! (Sherman is about 90 lbs. and Doug is 48 lbs.)

Doug is showing him the ropes, and Sherman follows him all over the house (when hes not following me!). They play with MUCH gusto! I am excited to see how things go as time goes by. Shermie has fit right in, as if he has always belonged here. My 8 year old son uses Sherman as a pillow for watching TV and they both seem to enjoy that immensely!

Thanks so much for making this adoption happen so fast for us and for Big Sherm! We are all very happy and so glad he is with us.

Jackie Culver

27 October 2010