I believe I have rescued all THREE boys in this photo!!! Beau is in the middle and Luke is to the right and, of course, Jack is on the far left:)

Beau and Luke have been adjusting very well in their new home. They turned 1 on the 4th of July... how time flies.


9 July 2010

My fianceť, Laura, and I had decided to adopt. We contacted Jayne about a pair of pups and she informed us she would be about 30 miles from our home and we met her the next day at a McDonald's in Ravenna, OH. We were planning to take one but you know how that goes - we could not separate them! Laura, never having raised puppies, is the doting mother. After a bout of kennel cough and some intestinal issues both are well and growing like weeds. They are fast learners and this week we have invisible fence training which will triple the area they have to run.

Thanks again!

6 December 2009

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