Almost a year ago I adopted "Smashing Pumpkins" through this rescue agency. I've changed his name for what turns out to be the third and FINAL time to Smithwick (Smitty for short). I had been searching for months on any and all pet adoption sites looking for a hound. Originally I wanted a Bluetick male, and I found one and did everything in order to get him. I was 3 days away from picking him up and taking him home before his faster mom called me and said she had decided to keep him.

With my search for a Bluetick squashed, I decided to look on ABTCR's website for probably the 50th time, scrolling through all the dogs for what seemed like forever, hoping one would catch my eye. At the time there were a couple dogs on there that I had narrowed to my final 3. A bluetick male and female, and Smithwick. I had contacted all 3 foster parents and I gained all the information I felt I needed, I talked it over with my family, but ultimately it was my decision, because he'd be my dog 100%. Naturally I was excited, because I felt I couldn't lose. But something had changed. I went back and looked at the Bluetick male and Smithwick's pictures again, at this point I was set on a male, now it was just deciding on which one. This is where my heart went where I didn't think it would go. I probably stared at both dog's photos side by side for 20 minutes, and after every minute I would end up staring at Smithwick's photos longer than the bluetick's. At that point I was set. I didn't think I'd want a B&T for my first dog. So on Dec 17, my dad and I loaded our female boxer into the truck for an introduction at Smithwick's foster home in nearby Dallas, NC, met Smithwick and loaded him into the truck. The whole process of meeting the dog, paperwork, making the right decision, all happened faster than it took us to drive there and back.

Fast forward a year, turns out Smithwick was a lot younger than everyone thought, about a full year younger, so it turns out 12/17 will be Smithwick's second birthday (according to my vet, and dog trainer). He's gone through one stage of obedience school, and graduating top of his class. He does have a bit of a foot fetish. Family has lost a couple pairs of shoes, and I don't have a sock to put my cold feet in, but I don't regret any of it, much to the dismay of my wallet.

I look at Smithwick every day and get the same feeling as when I first decided to adopt Smithwick, and I haven't looked back. He is exactly like me, and I couldn't be happier to have found him. I owe you and this agency all the credit, y'all were so friendly, and helped me push through the paperwork so I could get him before Christmas. My parents said, I can either pay them with my Christmas money or they can give me Smithwick as my christmas present. Naturally I made my mom put a bow on him for Christmas morning, even if he did rip it off his collar and start playing with it.

Steven Leatherman

Page last updated on 6 November 2013