I thought you would love an update on Duke. He is doing very well. He has put on a good amount of weight, can't find those ribs so easily. Not only is he now completely house broken, he even uses the doggie door. That took some doing; until three days ago, he wouldn't go outside without me. He knows "sit", "Shake" and which food and water dish are his and to stay away from Daisy's. He is learning so quickly, we are so proud of him. He loves his mommy but when daddy comes home from work Duke just gets so excited. He howls the minute he hears the garage door and runs to get his toy and wait for Daddy to come in. He is by his side the entire rest of the night and loves weekends because we have snuggle time and he is allowed up on our bed and gets to sleep between us, but always with his nose under daddy's pillow. Duke is still quite good at getting into mischief but usually with little harm. He usually does it for attention and is not destructive. Then when he gets caught he drops whatever and gives us that adorable Coonie smile. It feels like we've always had him. We couldn't be happier.

Thanks for all you do to bring four footed love into homes.
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas,
Re Baretela

Page last updated on 23 December 2013