I just wanted to give you an update on Lola (formerly known as Smurfette). She is such an amazing addition to our little family. When we first adopted her, you could tell how uncomfortable she was with the change and us. She did not like being inside and any time an opportunity to go outside would come available, she would bolt. She seemed to be territorial in the yard and against Kallie, and very standoffish in the house. We let her come to us in her own time.

It didn't take long for her to realize this was a positive change. She has blossomed into this sweet, cuddly dog of ours! She loves being inside and she loves playing in the yard. Once she got the hang of walking on the leash, oh man, is that her favorite part of the day!! It is so sweet how the two walk on their leash together in unison.

She does very well in the car (much better than Kallie!) and has come with us on our visits to my parents house. Lola has won my mom's heart. My mom has never liked bigger dogs, but she just loves her Lola. She even sat with her on Christmas morning (a spot normally occupied by one of her little dachshunds).

We are so thankful we adopted her. Kallie truly was not suited to be a solo dog and it explains so much about her. It is just so obvious that Kallie loves having another dog around and Lola loves her, too. Thank you so much again for matching us up with our sweet little Lola.

Courtney and Jonathan

Page last updated on 19 January 2020