Two years ago last week we picked up your "Spicy Girl" from Claudia in Fredericksburg, VA and welcomed into our home our Maggie. She has been such a fabulous addition to our family! She has totally made herself comfortable with our home and family. She enjoys vacationing at the beach on Hatteras Island every year (runs on the beach for sunrise), she loves to run 4 miles every morning in the Patapsco State Park, and enjoys walks with our girls in our neighborhood. When she is not lounging in the sun on the patio, she is on constant security, watching for the squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks in our yard.

She is just a love and just wants to "hold" you with her paw all of the time. She will clench our arms or hands with her toes, as if to reassure herself that you are with her. When we get home from work or the kids get home from, she gives us hugs (puts her paws on shoulders, stretches and then puts her head under your chin).

We love her so much and thank you for pulling her from a shelter to give her a chance at a new life!
Deb Neebe

Page last updated on 20 March 2016