Stanley AKA "Ol' Red" is doing great! He's thoroughly enjoying quarantine as it means his whole family is home every day and he gets to perfect his napping in true style! When Stanley first came to us, he was unsure about a lot of the house noises i.e. dishwasher, outside loud sounds, doorbell (still doesn't know it means someone is there and he doesn't react at all), and neighbors. He has grown incredibly confident in all things now that he has settled in nicely. Stanley LOVES his human brothers and will follow them everywhere! His favorite pastime is jumping on the trampoline with them, and chasing them through the house. He cries and worries when they leave his sight and needs lots of reassurance that they will be back. He loves his mom, and she gives him the best treats, but there's something about Dad that earns the biggest excited howls when he comes home. Stanley has a K-9 ballistic bed, the biggest crate money can buy, plus he gets to sleep in mom and dad's room, but that doesn't stop him from hound dog grumbling like an old man when its time to leave his favorite place on the couch and head to bed.

Stanley is still working on his leash manners. He walks well until he gets a good scent, and forget it if another dog walks by, he's going to yell in their face that he wants to play and sometimes it can be jarring to the other dog owners. Once quarantine is over we plan on some great training to help him learn when its appropriate to yell, and when its not. He got to play at the dog park before quarantine started and he loved meeting new friends and yelling at others outside the fence to come and play with him. He also got to test out the water down by the river on his leash of course, and boy did he have fun! He likes to stick his whole face in and dance around in the water. He has settled in so nicely with our family and fast became one of the boys (farts and all), we love him so much and are so happy he has come to love us just as much!


Page last updated on 21 April 2020