Just wanted to send a quick update on our not-so-little anymore Stella! She continues to be a dream dog…fairly quiet, so sweet and playful. We just love her to death and could not be happier that we found her. We started training classes last week and she is doing pretty well with it. Of course, she loves her food, so she jumps at any chance to get treats! She is turning into a little tank! She LOVES meal time and in between that and the extra treats for being so cute, she has definitely put on some weight. We haven’t been to the vet in several weeks but I would venture to say she is probably somewhere around 45 lbs., at just over 6 months! She still has that puppy face and those long ears, but is starting to look more and more like a dog every day.

Cannot thank you both enough for this little gift of ours! She has brought us a lot of happiness!
Annie + Matt Hamnett

Page last updated on 18 January 2009