Arlo is wonderful. He gets sweeter every day. Since Amos has been back to full activity the two of them have become super hunting buddies. I'm attaching a couple of photos of them "at work," along with Otis who participates fairly often. They can spend hours working the hedgerows out in the pastures trying to find long-gone bunnies. I'm feeding Arlo three times a day now as he's burning so many calories and had lost some weight. His schedule is out to hunt alone at 6 ish, in for breakfast, hunt, nap, eat, nap, hunt, nap, eat, hunt, bedtime! Busy boy. When we had the really hot days they didn't have a mid-day hunt, and he can be quite the "porch hound", though his version involves a bed and a fan. Everybody is buddies now - Alice even plays with him some. She's the white one that's mostly a sofa dog.

Take care.

Page last updated on 21 May 2010