Merry Christmas from Sugar and all of us here in the UP of Michigan!!! She didnít necessarily enjoy posing for a Christmas pic but it had to be done!!!! Sugar continues to be a wonderful addition to our family. I will send pics of her in the mountains of snow we get up here soon; she likes to bay at it, especially when it drops off of the trees.

Thanks again for allowing us to adopt this precious gal!

7 December 2011

Sugar continues to be a GREAT addition to our home. She loves the lake and bays at the sticks before retrieving them. She also has decided she thinks she is the big hunter when she trees squirrels...hahaha

Thanks again for a great friend.

4 July 2011

We have had Sugar Bear ("Sugarbaker") for a few weeks now and she could not be more perfect!!! She has been awesome in the house and loves her multiple walks everyday and all the smells she encounters. She has made herself right at home here as you can see by the pics :) Sugar has adapted well to the kids and basically ignores them unless the 2 year old has food....LOL He likes to go and kneel by her and say "Nice Sugar, Sugar Sugar Bear." She has been the best dog ever so far, much like my Nelly was! I have decided the only dogs we will ever have will be of the hound breeds, there is just something so special and gentle about these dogs.

Thanks again for allowing us to take her into our home!

26 April 2011