The first time we saw him

His first trip to Kennedy Meadows (Sept 2017)

Learning to sail on Monterey Bay
on our Cal 39 sailboat

Snoozing in our backyard

As we were playing with our wonderful hound, Chance, (formerly Sunny), I thought I'd send you a status report of our FAVORITE dog!

Way back on February 11, 2017, after having to put down our hound mix Jay in October of 2016, we decided to start looking at our next dog. Jay had been a hound mix and was absolutely wonderful with everyone. We knew that we wanted another hound and as soon as we could emotionally start looking, we discovered Coonhound Rescue. We were looking for a young pup, 4-6 months, and decided to drive up to Jackson, CA to see what dogs were available. As luck would have it, "Sunny" had been brought in the night before with his mother after having been rescued from the Oroville shelter. We were told that he was probably a year old, much older than we wanted, but it was love at first sight. He was skinny, scared and beautiful. We had a vacation planned and couldn't take him until the end of March. The Rescue group found another "parent" in our area who agree to take Sunny until we were back and they delivered him to Aptos. How could we not take him!

He has been the joy of our lives! Just 6 months after adopting Chance I was diagnosed with cancer. While in treatment he was my constant companion! He made me walk, laugh at his antics and he snuggled when I needed it. He is absolutely the best!

We can’t thank you enough for the service you provide. As we walk 5 miles on the beach every day we notice more and more purebred hounds and hound mixes and everyone stops to tell us how beautiful Chance is. We couldn't be happier AND neither could he.

Thank you,
Jackie and Peter Whiting

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