We wanted to reach out to update regarding our wonderful rescue, Taco. We wanted a dog for so long and something in my gut told me Taco was meant to be our dog when I found him on your site. I convinced my significant other to put in an application for Taco that day and we drove to meet him that weekend. We were convinced and signed the paperwork in the car afterwards because we were so sure.

As two individuals in their late 20's living in Chicago, part of adopting him meant waiting briefly before we could bring him home so we could move to a bigger, more dog friendly apartment. His wonderful foster mom gave us regular updates until our move and ABTCR made us feel so supported throughout the early stages after we brought him home.

Today Taco is no longer an "outdoor only dog" and is very happy laying in our guest bedroom bed with the sunshine coming in while my significant other works from home. He is so loved by our family (including my previously "not big dog people") family members, friends and even the staff at our favorite local patio/dog friendly restaurant to stop by. He has become so well adjusted, social and has such a silly personality.

While I hope we've brought Taco a happy life, he truly has dramatically increased our happiness. As we've navigated career changes, personal joys and hardships and I've navigated some recent medical issues, Taco has brought us so much joy through good and bad days. My favorite part of every day is coming home from work to see how happy our big goofball is to see me and his silly personality brings us more laughs than I could ever count.

Thank you ABTCR for saving dogs like Taco; our life is a better place with him in it! Hope the pictures show how happy he is, and how happy we are too!

Many thanks,
Charlie, Erin and Taco

Page last updated on 30 July 2021