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Tazmania’s first day with us

Tazmania’s first day with us

Tazmania (left) at 3 months and K.Cat (right) at 5 years

Tazmania doing the woo woo bark at around 8 months old

1 year old

Tazmania at two years old, rocking the birthday hat

Tazmania at 3 years old

4 years old, at the beach with mom

Today, 5 years old

With my 4 year old grandson

Tazmania... she is a little devil at times but her sweet demeanor and loving kisses make up for it a million times over. Thank you ABTCR for all you do first and foremost. The second I saw baby “Lola” my mommy vibe kicked in and I called my husband. She had the biggest paws and I knew she would be bigger than K.Cat. We named her Tazmania because the way she gobbled up her food in a frenzy was like the Tasmanian Devil cartoons. She makes us laugh daily and she’s grown to be the sweetest love bug ever and super smart.

She was originally found in a crated pen with her mother, father and little brother, living chest high in feces, when a woman purchased the puppies and eventually was able to purchase the mother and father as well, releasing them over to ABTCR.

Dawn Harman

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