Thought I would Let you know that The Bishop is doing fine. After a week of deliberation we decided to name him "Duke" after John Wayne. He took to the name and started responding to it within a few days. He has gone from being shy and skittish to being very loving. He is coming out of his shell and adapting to his new environment faster than we had expected. Duke goes for walks 2 to 3 times a day. When someone leaves he now goes to the front window and howls. When Pam comes home from work he starts to prance around and bouncing wanting her attention. He loves going on his walks where he can pick up all different scents. Duke's going to love going to the farm and heading out through the woods on his walks. He'll have a whole different world to explore there when we go.

Jerry and Pam Bierman

Page last updated on 26 February 2014