Toby and Sugar
switching beds

Toby loves his towel rubs
when we come in from the rain

Toby in his favorite chair

It's been a little over a year since Toby joined our family, and he is a delight. He took some time to feel secure and believe that he's here to stay, but now he knows he's a member of the family/pack. He loves to take things and stash them in his crate. Then when he gets bored, he hauls everything out of the crate and spreads it all over the floor. We don't use the crate, but he does; he has used it sometimes to sleep in, but mostly just a place to stash his "stuff." He is sweet and silly and makes us laugh. He still pulls on the leash but is getting better all the time. He is perfect at mealtimes - sits in his chair and watches, but never makes a sound or begs.

The neighbors all know him and love how vocal he is. He knows where every dog lives and warbles his greetings as we go past the houses. He also has to talk to everyone we meet, and he has a lot to say. He does have his own fenced yard now, but we still go down to play with our neighbor's dog who has a huge fenced yard. He guards our house and yard from everything! People, deer, turkeys, various neighborhood cats and even turtles. The coyotes especially send him off.

In early September we lost Sugar, the miniature Schnauzer I inherited from my sister. She was a very peaceful little influence in the house and we all miss her. Toby deferred to her as you can see in the photo. Toby never tried to boost her out of his bed or the prime spot on our bed. He misses her and looked everywhere for her for several weeks.

He's the most interesting dog. He's smart - he takes very good care of his toys - he has a yellow duck that he loves, ad the tiger with the squeak gets hauled out whenever I have gone somewhere and come back - he grabs the tiger and starts serenading me. He loves my husband, but he's my boy. He's a loyal and loving dog. Thank you very much for telling us about him - a dogless life is pretty bleak and dry. Toby brings us joy and laughter every day. When we count our blessings, Toby is high on the list.


27 November 2014

Toby and Sugar

Toby and my granddaughter, Sarah
They have the same color hair and it was love at first sight


His comfy bed

Toby in "his" chair with his bear

Toby and his special tiger toy

What a boy Toby is! He's settled in beautifully. He's swell - just what we needed and he's himself, not like Annie. He's goofy and playful. His table manners are perfect - if he comes near the table when we're eating, we just point and say "go" and he does. He pulls hard on the leash and he's really strong! But we'll keep working on it. Meanwhile, he makes us laugh.

We gave him 2 toys - a bear and a tiger. He loves them and takes very good care of them. Annie turned stuffed toys into flat roadkill in about 2 days. Not so with Toby. The tiger is somehow very special - he carries it all over the house and then finds a place to hide it. He is fine with Polly, our house cat, and also with Slick who stops in for food and to sleep in the barn. We have neighbors about a mile down the road who have a big fenced pasture - we take Toby down there to run off-leash and he has fun, nose to the ground and running. Everyone who has met him thinks he's so handsome and well-behaved.

Thank you for all of your help in matching us up.

23 December 2013