Buddy aka Trooper is doing great and we Thank God every day that he came into our lives as we couldn't imagine a day without him! He recently made a dog rap video on Youtube; he thought it would be a catchy way to add awareness that there are so many pets that can be saved! You can watch Buddy's video here . (Be sure to turn up the volume.)

All our best,
Bill, Jackie, Buddy & Jolie

25 August 2010

We've had Buddy for one month and he is fitting in just wonderfully. He loves chasing squirrels with Jolie, which is his most favorite past time next to eating and cuddling up on the bed & couches. They both absolutely love their almost daily trips to Petsmart where they are both very well known now and act as the greeters at the door. They both know their places and the routine of the household. They both just got their new dog licenses on their new collars. Buddy's new custom made coat arrived last week in the mail and he looks so handsome in it! It's still a little stiff on him but will soften up as it is laundered. We will be sure to protect this one from Jolie after she tore up his last 2 coats from the rough playing they do in the yard. lol

We could not ask for a better match for Jolie, they both are inseparable! We are trying to raise awareness in NJ about all the Coonhounds in the South that desperately need homes and hope more will adopt and save these absolutely wonderful dogs! and sound to the ears. We make it a point to tell everyone we meet about AB&T Coonhound Rescue as they both do turn a lot of heads when they are out and most think they are Dobermans, so we always get to tell their story. They are both such hams and truly make everyone they meet love them!

Thank you Jayne, Dee, Lisa & Peterson Express Transport for bringing Buddy into our lives!!

All our best,
Bill and Jackie

25 January 2010

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