A long overdue thank you to all pf the wonderful volunteers who helped get Earl from Nashville to his new home in Seattle. The logistics were complex, but he's just the dearest, sweetest dog that loves love more than any dog we've had. When he arrived he was a bit uncertain and skittish and guarded me and his house a bit too much. Now he's settled in and is much more comfortable with strangers and friends.

It was a very painful year for us, losing both Remington and Robert Gregory after more than a decade with each of them. Coonhound Rescue has given us the most wonderful dogs! They were a lovely bonded pair of adopted brothers, and now Earl and his adopted bloodhound sister, Alice Paul, are inseparable as well. He grooms her daily, licking her eyes and face. Alice can be bossy and hoards the toys, but Earl takes it in stride. They are a big pair—Earl has grown to top 80 pounds while Alice is over 100. We’re still working on taming his exuberance (he and Alice crushed a coffee table playing!), but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks again for your wonderful work and for our beautiful Earl (and Alice thanks you too).
Leslie Miller

Page last updated on 15 October 2019