Dear Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue,

We just wanted to send an update on how Victoria Beckham is doing. We have since changed her name to Mia. She is adjusting really well in her new home. She likes to play a lot with our other coonie, Cheyenne. The two of them play and play until they tire themselves out. They have figured out to work together to sniff out where we keep their biscuits. We had to put them in a new location where they can't get to them. It's quite a sight to see the two of them outdoors treeing a squirrel together! They are are inseparable! Mia is such a sweet and loveable girl. She does really well with the baby, too! She loves giving kisses and has such a way in doing so that she tries to climb up onto our laps and onto the couch while doing so. I guess she doesn't think that we will notice! The only trouble we've had is walking her on a leash. She likes to pull a little too hard, so we are trying to work on that. In time I think she'll be just fine. I am sending some pictures of the ride home and when she first met Cheyenne. I'll send more soon!

Thank you so much for the wonderful addition to our family!

With love,
Amy, Kyle, Ava, Cheyenne and now Mia

Page last updated on 22 March 2008