Clancy is doing great! She has been traveling everywhere with us this year, New Orleans, Gatlinburg, Wisconsin and Chicago. She didn't like the snow when it was bitter cold, but once it warmed up she was happy to run and chase squirrels in her grandparents' backyard.:) She likes both the beach and the mountains, although still not sure about going full force in the water.

We did go to one training class, and that helped us all get familiar with some basic rules. We got lucky because our teacher also takes care of dogs when their owners are out of town, so we have never had to kennel her either.:) She really has always behaved well, and only howls when she is trying to catch a squirrel. We didn't think she was fast enough but she has now caught four moles in our backyard. She is so proud of herself, it is funny to watch.

She was a little bit of an escape artist until we got the back fence put in, but she only went to the nearest neighbors with a dog to play, so she never really ran away which was a huge relief. The neighbors have actually complained that she doesn't visit as often anymore. Amazingly my husband will walk her in the park now without a leash and she has NEVER run off. Of course he does always have yummy treats for her. She thinks that the dog park is something she should get to do every day, and pouts at us when we don't take her. She wrestles with anyone that is willing, and has even played with three or four dogs at a time! (she is always a little insulted when someone won't play with her, and looks at us like it is our fault if the dog park is not exciting enough) Of course we also laugh because she then becomes a tan and black coonhound from all the dirt.

She was a little protective about her food in the beginning, and only gets upset now if we are visiting someone with another dog and that dog sniffs around it, which we really can't blame her for. She still thinks that every time we cook chicken she should get a little bit, but even that has calmed down a lot since the beginning. She has been GREAT with all the kids we have had her around and basically ignores the little ones, doesn't want to be bothered with them.

She adjusted well to both of us working this September and doesn't have any accidents while we are gone. I am teaching so I get home by 4:00 at the latest so it is not too long of a day. There will be a new member of the family in May, and so far she just seems confused by all the redecorating going on upstairs, she doesn't understand what the fuss is about. She does sleep in front of the cradle downstairs already so hopefully it won't faze her too much. (she has two dog beds, and does still sleep on the couches as well) I think as long as she still gets dog park time she will forgive the intrusion. Plus it will be summer and we will all be home together so she can go outside anytime she wants.

All in all, a great dog and year! Everyone that meets her is impressed and loves her. She is so calm most of the time that it is nice for people that don't necessarily love dogs the way we do. One of my students actually just rescued a redbone hound from the same rescue site, so we are enjoying getting to know her. We are hopelessly in love and so happy to have her in our home. Amazing what you will rearrange your schedule for, just so she is happy! We feel very lucky to have her.

Jen Budde

Page last updated on 24 February 2009