Our four year old was SO excited and found it hard to wait at the airport!! One of the men working in Delta heard we were waiting on our dog and shared he had a Bloodhound and loved that we were getting another hound and already had a Bloodhound, too! After striking up this conversation he personally went to go get Snoopy for us to try and lessen our wait. At first Snoopy was quite shy and didn't want to come out of his crate. That didn't last too long though. He sat on my lap in the backseat the whole way home. We took him to meet our bloodhound, Lucy, at a neutral territory (a park) so that they could get off to a good start. Once home Lucy growled a few times as if to say this is my sofa and my chair but no growling since that first night. The next day they were playing and romping!! This is great since Lucy has become somewhat sedentary. Here are pictures of him sleeping on his dog bed the first night!! He was wiped out after the long day of traveling!! The picture of the two of them on sofa was on day 8.

We are grateful Snoopy could get here in time for Christmas so he could be showered with love and gifts in his FUR-ever home. He enJOYed opening his presents and eating treats!! He also was such a good sport with the Christmas PJ's and assorted Holiday collars we put him in!!

He started his training on the invisible fence about 9 days after arriving and did very well. I took him to work one day at my Rehab/Pilates clinic and he was quite perplexed by the handsome guy in the mirror! Once he is trained more I plan to take him to work more often.

We fell in love with Snoopy immediately!! We are once again SO grateful for all of the amazing work that all of the amazing volunteers at ABTCR!

Kelly, Chris, Sloan, Lucy and Snoopy

Page last updated on 17 January 2015