It is hard to believe that we got Violet 3 years ago! She has brought so much joy to our family! Everyone loves her goofy disposition and clumsy manner. We have learned that she loves to snuggle, run through snow (luckily we get a lot in New England!), play fetch and also express her feelings through howling. Violet has made several puppy friends through out the years, Harley a pit bull-Dalmatian, Lexi a pit bull-boxer, Benny a yorky-terrier and Gizzy a Boston terrier-French bulldog. Another thing about violet is she watches Duck Dynasty with our family and also other shows, also she loves dress up and brightening very one’s day. She is truly a joy to have around and without her I think all the Silvas can agree that our lives would be boring!

Karen, George, Korey, and Gabby

23 December 2013

It's been almost 5 months since we adopted Violetta (Violet) and she is a joy to have in our home! She was older then we had expected but we don't mind as we got to celebrate her 1st birthday in her forever home! When she came to us she was skin and bones and had a big bandage on her ear from a pooch that didn't appreciate her eagerness to play! Since then she has gained about 20 lbs and her ear is looking great; there is a chunk missing but we think it gives her character! Violet also had a blast in the massive amounts of snow we got hammered with in New England this winter! She loves going for walks every day and meeting new people though she does like to jump and howl at people when they don't give her the attention she "deserves" so we are working on that! Everyone loves her goofy disposition when we walk down the street! Violet also enjoys spending time with my brother's 2 pit bulls, Harley and Lexi; they get along great though Violet has much more energy then Harley some times so we have to separate them so he can have a break! Violet is doing very well with housetraining but occasionally has accidents and hasn't gotten the hang of telling us when she needs to go out but again we are working with her. We love Violet very much and I hope to adopt another coonie in the near future so she has a permanent playmate!

All the best,
George, Karen, Korey, Gabrielle and Violet!

13 May 2011